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At Highroad Information Technology (HIT), we believe that the foundation of successful business is strong relationships. We work closely with our customers, vendors, & partners to insure that needs are being met on all fronts. The end result is solutions that work.

Founded in 2004, Highroad Information Technology (HIT) offers a wide array of Professional Services that go to the heart of business system uptime and management. We are a full service systems provider with extensive experience and expertise in integration & support projects. Our wealth of knowledge in Network and System architecture allows us to provide the most complete professional services available.

HIT offers a suite of systems administration, database management, and application administration services. Our business is focused on delivering services that support high uptime of business system environments. HIT offers remote management of sites via highly available connections that field all customer requests for service and also offers onsite service when necessary.

Leverage is the most powerful tool available for growing your business. Why try over and over to pry a nail out of a board with your fingers when you can use a hammer? Why spend thousands on someone who only works when something goes wrong when you can save a large portion of that money with someone who is with you 24 x 7 x 365, living and breathing IT support? Partner with us and gain the leverage your business needs to achieve its maximum potential.

The old “break-fix” method of computer support is dead. Be cost effective by allowing us to take care of your systems so that you never have to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars fixing equipment that could have been replaced for a fraction of the cost before it broke down.

Is your IT department having a hard time keeping up? Are you suffering downtime and losses in productivity and revenue as a result? Don’t throw away time and money hiring another staff member! Supplementing the IT department is where Highroad IT fits in best! Highroad IT not only serves as the sole method of IT support for many businesses, but also provides the perfect supplement to businesses with an existing IT department. We specialize in watching and supporting your systems even when your IT department can’t and making sure you are up and running smoothly.


  1. We bill in quarter hour increments, so you don’t end up paying any extra for a full hour.
  2. We charge no after-hours pricing.
  3. What we quote you is what you pay. Our price is always consistent.

"We’re not just technicians fixing computers, we’re people helping people." Mike Parra, CEO

Highroad IT People helping people

Old fashioned service for new technology.

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